Wireless Community Weekend 2014

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Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2014
Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2014
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Date: May 29 - 1 June 2014
participants WCW14:participants
entrance fee: free, but donations are welcome
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Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2014

Starting Friday May 14 till 17, 2014 freifunk.net, c-base and the German community invite you to the "Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend" at the c-base space station in Berlin.


  • 30 May till 1 June 2014 at c-base berlin


inside locations

  • main hall
  • c-base beachpark


  • Workshop
    • Announce your workshop (at the topic's page or timetable, or just on-site)
    • collect interested people
    • look for an appropriate place (there're lot of places in mainhall, at c-base beachpark or the ceminarroom)
    • do it