Wireless Community Weekend 2014/Topics

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Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2014
Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2014



  • Maps
    • Libremap (status, ideas, future-development)
    • Netmon (status, ideas, future-development)
  • Which Services have we developed?
  • Newsserver
  • Broadcast/Multicast (who can provide an how to?)
  • Wiki-Subotnik
  • where to point new users who whises to learn more about the technology, firmware and protocols
  • meshkit - interface cleanup (to many options for beginners)
  • networks
    • multiple autonomous networks vs one big centralized layer 2 network


  • Status of netpolitics from Freifunks point of view (Markus)
  • Update regarding legal aspects in Germany (Bea)
  • API: New features, Calendar, Timeline und further Ideas (Andi, Monic, Christian)
  • How to start a freifunk community? incl. resource collection (Monic)
  • The BerlinBackBone - tech and orga lessons learned (JuergeN, Sven-Ola, ...)
  • ninux.org introduction (ninux.org, maybe via skype session)
  • Decentralize everything - A walkabout recent p2p developments deployed on the local mesh (Daniel (Leipzig), ?)
  • Braucht Freifunk eine Dachgesellschaft ? - Erfahrungen mit der Genossenschaft Evernet eG. (Thomas Hühn aka Bluse (Sundhausen), time: Samstag ab 19 Uhr)


  • CACert Assurance (André (Hamburg), Andi (Weimar), ... who else??)
  • Download server for layout templates and new layouts; scribus or illustrator (Monic, Bernd, Chrissie)
  • New Wordpress Demo Community (Christian)
  • Discussion of several firmware approaches (OLSR vs. Batman Advanced vs. anything else vs. anything combined)
  • Galleries / Marketing-Images
  • "Freifunk für Nepal" Kick-Off-Meeting: Der Verein 42 e.V. plant in Nepal ersten Freifunk-Knoten aufzustellen. Es bestehen bereits gute Kontakte zu Leuten vor Ort. Es werden vor allem "Techniker" gesucht, die im Vorfeld bereit sind an dem Projekt mitzuarbeiten (Firmware, Billig-USV für Router, Outdoor-Boxen usw.) Ansprechpartner momentan ist delphiN.