Wireless Community Weekend 2009

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Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2009
Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2009
Date: 22-24.05.2009
participants WCW09:participants
entrance fee: free, but donations are welcome
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Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2009

Starting Friday May 22 till Sunday May 24 freifunk.net, c-base and the German community invite you to the "Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend" at the c-base space station in Berlin.

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Proposed presentations include:

  • open spectrum in Europe and partners
  • topics CMS for mesh networks via distributed hash tables
  • decentralised earch engines for mesh networks
  • 6mesh implementations with IPv6
  • multicasting in mesh networks
  • OpenWrt and the upcoming release Kamikaze
  • new Freifunk Firmware
  • villagetelco and open telephony in local networks
  • fpga on openpattern devices and updates for hardware
  • wireless open mesh box project
  • freifunk-vpn software developements, connecting the virtual public freifunk network
  • freifunk/google summer of code
  • olsrd and problems with fisheye, timingproblems and co

As in previous years, we will provide open spaces for the community in the c-base to discuss and work on projects. Later at night we will have a number of special guests in the evening presenting the latest creative commons hits and of course the legendary freifunk BBQ.

Wcw09 bbq.JPG

Background: Since 2003 the Freifunk community organises the Wireless Community Weekend during spring in Berlin. Attracting the brightest from the wireless network community the Freifunk Community Weekend has established itself as a trendsetter in the wireless world. While focusing on the community participants also come from research institutes like the Fraunhofer Institute and T-System Labs as well as from commercial actors. The event brings together more than 300 participants coming from Europe and around the world (http://global.freifunk.net). Besides the strong community in Germany participants include free wireless projects from South Africa (Meraka Institute), China (Wireless Student Network), Spain (guifi.net), Switzerland (Schweiz Wireless), Austria (funkfeuer.net), Italy (ninux.org), Russia (St. Petersburg), Denmark (Djursland.net) and the Netherlands.


  • 22.-24.05.2009 at c-base berlin


inside locations

  • e.t.i is near cbase - in alley towards the street
  • main hall
  • seminar room


  • IPv6 - Meshing
  • Interacting Communities
  • maybe "freifunk-awards" -> glory 4 the best software, community with the most useres, openwrt'app, ect.?
  • Presentation of the OLSR mdns plugin developed at Ninux.org

who will be there

check out and sign in! WCW09:participants


Pre-Meeting 2009 may 20

Regular there is WaveLöten with a monthly speak called "freifunk für Fortgeschrittene" / freifunk advanced workshop.

Ascension Day 2009 May 21

wine/ beer and Hausmannskost ;)

Friday 22 May Program

You can add workshops and panels if you want to give one.

Name/Title Time/Duration Location Done by Notes presentation Download
Doors open 10:00 c-base organisers and you! Having a look around c-base space station, meeting nice people, setup the event, ordering Drinks
Freifunk/Google Summer of Code Meetup of students and mentors 20:00 river-bank c-base Wcw09 foo.JPG
Rundfreifunk vom WCW - Make some content! 20:00 ? ... YOU Talk to the Community, Take a Talk with Ufo and make a small clips. You can also bring your prepaired clips with you! Datelist "Aufzeichnungen"
HackNight 20:00 river-bank c-base Grill.JPG
Community Track /WLAN Community Kiezfunk.net 21:30, 23 min elias What's new? coming soon

Saturday 23 May Program

You can add workshops and panels if you want to give one

ALL times + 3,5 h

Name/Title Time/Duration Location Done by Notes presentation Download
Community Track/ using wiki.freifunk.net/ workshop 15:30, 10-20 min not fixed yet. maybe seminarraum keks + YOU? approach the content coming soon
OLSR-NG 16:00, 30 min ETI-Seminarraum Henning Rogge Wcw09 henning olsrd.JPG What are the projects? Where are we going ? Vortrag
Freifunk Summer of Code Projects 17:00, 30 min ETI-Seminarraum Mario BehlingWcw09 gsoc.JPG What are the projects? Who is participating? coming soon
LuCI Translation Portal 17:30, 30 min ETI-Seminarraum Jow + keks Luci translation.png Let's translate LuCI into any language! System located here
Update Recht - Rechtsentwicklungen rund um offene Netze - Urteile etc. 18:00, 45 min ETI-Seminarraum Reto MantzWcw09 jochen reto.JPG Was hat sich im letzten Jahr getan? Download Folien
Freifunknetz in Weimar und darüberhinaus 19:00, 90 min ETI-Seminarraum Bastian BittorfWcw09 Bastelbasti.JPG
Autokonfig, Autoupdate, Automonitoring, Selbstheilung & Optimierung coming soon
live auf Radio Blau in Leipzig: Rundfreifunk #110 19:00, 120 min Aus den Räumen der Raumstation übers Internet ins Freie Radio Rund.Freifunk Leipzig Wcw09 rundfreifunk live.JPG Eine Stunde live-Freifunk-Eindrücke senden. Wer mitmachen will sei gern willkommen! Terminliste für "Aufzeichnungen" am Samstag
live on Radio Corax in Halle: Sendung für die vernetzte Welt #15 19.00, 60 min From Raumstation through Internet to Free Radio tmk, papabaer, André, kns, n3phr0n, ufo und Stationsnutzer P1020955-scaled.JPG free wireless, free radiostations, free broadcasting, self-made streaming solutions, your topics Available at Sendungsarchiv
The biohazard of coupling PGP with OLSR - the web of trust plug-in and its defects 20:00, 45 min ETI-Seminarraum Clauz & ZioPRoTo here
OLSR mDNS Plugin - Service Discovery in Community Mesh Networks 21:00, 60 min ETI-Seminarraum ? ZioPRoTo & Clauz (Ninux.org) We are doing a demo with two Fonera connected on the olsr.freifunk.net network Download here
Making funny things with Freifunk / OpenWRT 22:00, 60 min ETI-Seminarraum Stefan (Terminal.21, Freifunk Halle)Wcw09 stefan.JPG Kleine Spielereien mit Freifunk-Technik und OpenWRT über Freifunk hinaus. Wozu nutzt ihr Freifunk ohne Freifunk? Welche spannenden Ansätze ergeben sich daraus? Interaktiv, stellt eure Projekte vor. download

Sunday 24 May Program

You can add workshops and panels if you want to give one

Name/Title Time/Duration Location Done by Notes presentation Download
Social Networking and Local Strategies or howto enter a church howto communicate free networks to potential partners and stakeholders (Debate) 13:42, 40 min ETI-Seminarraum or mainhall elias, keks, alx + you Some ways to get access to public places, how did you do it? Ideas of Freifunk - Use - Cases (FUC), Share your experience, concepts coming soon
Community Track /WLAN Community Kiezfunk.net 14:23, 23 min elias What's new? coming soon
meshCube flash Session 16:00, ... mainhall DanielP, JuergeN, ulf_k, cven and jow flashing, André-H and Tmk cutting audio in background Wcw09 meshcube workshop.JPG We want to update our cubes to a current kamikaze version
Good Bye 18:00, 10 min riversite cven and everyone, chill & grill Wcw09 cven.JPG Closing ceremony and thanks to the organizers

ad hoc workshops

all the ad-hoc workshops will take place in the seminar room


mainhall hackcenter (Irgendwo an einem Tisch) WCW2009 keks1.JPG


  • Evening Get together, BBQ and creative commons music


Could someone install a Streaming Server for the WCW?

  • Audio yes, video no sorry (Stefan)
  • Audio Streaming via Icecast2 + oggvorbis (Rundfreifunk, Leipzig)
  • Outdoor-Webcam (RUndfreifunk, Leipzig)

we are live at local radio-stations in Halle und Leipzig at saturday, starting at 7pm. Check www.radioblau.de or www.radiocorax.de

Hacknight wishlist

pleasen add your wishes here

  • the planet
  • everything that controlls us


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  • places for selected guests

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