Wireless Community Weekend 2011

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Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2011
Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2011
Date: 3-5.6.2011
participants WCW11:participants
entrance fee: free, but donations are welcome
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Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2011

Starting Friday June 3 till Sunday June 5, 2011 freifunk.net, c-base and the German community invite you to the "Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend" at the c-base space station in Berlin.


  • 3-5 June 2011 at c-base berlin


inside locations

  • e.t.i is near cbase - in alley towards the street
  • main hall
  • seminar room



who will be there

check out and sign in! WCW11:participants


Pre-Meeting 2011 June 1

Regularly there is WaveLöten with a monthly lecture called "freifunk für Fortgeschrittene" / freifunk advanced workshop.

Ascension Day 2011 June 2

wine/ beer and Hausmannskost ;)

Friday June 3

You can add workshops and panels if you want to give one.

Name/Title Time/Duration Location Done by Notes presentation Download
Doors open 10:00 c-base organizers and you! Having a look around c-base space station, meeting nice people, setup the event/BBQ, ordering Drinks
Say 02:ca:ff:ee:ba:be to the world - The Grand Wireless Community Weekend Opening Show! tbd c-base mainhall
HackNight after the show c-base mainhall and ceminarroom. Note: The ceminarroom is a NO SMOKING AREA!

Saturday June 4

Name/Title Time/Duration Location Done by Notes presentation Download
HackNight after the show c-base mainhall and ceminarroom. Note: The ceminarroom is a NO SMOKING AREA!
Panel 16:00 / 45min ceminarroom Bastian Bittorf ^ weimar.freifunk.net 10 steps to speedup your mesh-network by factor 5 Datei:Vortrag.pdf
Panel 17:00 / 45min ceminarroom Bluse-Blue ^ sundi.freifunk.net How to implement powercontrol in our mesh tbd
Panel 20:00 / 45min mainhall Hening News from OLSR.org tbd
Get-together 23:00 / 45min main hall Meeting up, short-talks & discussion together with Federated Social Web 2011 What did your conference? Social Services within Freifunk & decentral social networks. tbd

Sunday June 5

Name/Title Time/Duration Location Done by Notes presentation Download
Hardware Auction 15:00 / 45min main hall Give your excess stuff a new chance... tbd
Telecomix 16:00 / 45min main hall Herr Urbach living mesh in activism Telecomix is a decentralized cluster working on free communication all over the world. The cluster is organized like a mesh and Telecomix agent tomate is telling how this cluster works and what they have done so far to prevent censorship tbd
Wireless communities local aspects 17:00 / 45min main hall Elias Turske tbd
Visualizing Improvisation / Improvising Visualization 18:00 / 45min main hall Bill Hsu Overview and demos of interactive audio-visual pieces based on simulations of natural processes and real-time sound (http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~whsu/art.html) [Download NIME 2011 poster: http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~whsu/Docs/M01-Hsu.pdf]
Diaspora 19:00 main hall Ilya Zhitomirskiy tbd

ad hoc workshops

all the ad-hoc workshops will take place in the seminar room


mainhall hackcenter (Irgendwo an einem Tisch)


  • Evening Get together, BBQ and creative commons music

Hardware Basar

Many wifi activists has lockers and shelfs full of wifi equipment, boards, enclosures, wifi cards, antennas, cables and pigtails. A lot of wifi stuff just sits there and wait to be used or just gets dusty. If this equipment still works and can be used better, lets re-use it and share it to the wifi community.

So bring it with you to the wireless community weekend and gift it to a big live moderation stage auction. All parts starts at one euro, the collected money goes back to the community as a donation to give a financial support the wireless community weekend event.


Could someone install a Streaming Server for the WCW?

done! cheers! see it on c-base.org - Website[1]

lecture begings at timecode 305 min.

hi, nice room ... ;-)))

Hacknight wishlist

pleasen add your wishes here


Please tag with: freifunk, wcwberlin2011, wcw, wireless community weekend, wcw2011

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  • places for selected guests

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