Wireless Community Weekend 2014/Accomodation

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Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2014
Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend 2014


There're a lot of participants not living in Berlin looking for a bed, couch or another place to sleep. Please feel free to enter your name below if you're looking for accomodation or if you could offer such a place. Don't forget to mention your arrival and departure date and anything else you think it's important to know. Maybe you could also find a group of freifunkas renting a flat via airbnb.


  • bjo, Fri-Sun (@keks, confirmed)
  • Andi+1, Fri-Sun (@monic, confirmed)
  • Kirberg Sa-So(?)


  • Who?, Where?
  • Keks, day bed (schlafcouch, Liegefläche auf dem Dielenfußboden für 1 weitere Luftmadraze. ) Treptow, 24h Busanschluss ohne Umstieg zur C-Base (ca 20 min fahrt)