Wireless Community Weekend 2022/Accomodation

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Please add here, if you can provide a place to sleep for our guests beetween 27.5.-29.5.2022


The m18 is next to the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar main building. As Weimar is small, we are very close to the city-centre. There are a lot of accommodations in walking distance.

Some possible options out of many (will be extended and updated):


A&O Weimar

6-Bett-Zimmer in A&O-Hostel, 25 € pro Person.

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ranzige bruchbuden

zwei zimmer in einer wg, eins mit bett, eins mit isomatten - xmpp: esmeralda@jabber.weimarnetz.de


Feel free to contact me:


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Travel Stipends

If you need financial support for travel or accomodation, please get in touch with Andi. With the help of Stadtfunk, Weimarnetz and Förderverein we can arrange support.