Wireless Community Weekend 2021/Participants

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Please add your info here. Include Nick/Name, Community, Blog, Days you participate, special food (vegetarian etc.). Thank you!

  1. Cven, Berlin, all days, alles
  2. Andi Bräu, Weimar/Berlin, fri-sun, alles
  3. adorfer, Eschborn, all day, alles
  4. Elektra, Berlin, all day, alles
  5. Felix, Toronto / Leverkusen, yellow and green hours of the left list, I eat my own food :P
  6. Mathias, Berlin, all day, alles
  7. mwarning, Berlin, all day, Primzahlen
  8. Bluse, Evernet Sundhausen, all day, alles
  9. T B Dinesh, Bangalore India, all days, veg ;-)
  10. CodeFetch, Hannover, all days
  11. Akira Fürstenwalde/Berlin, all day, Strøm
  12. yanosz Köln, all day, Daten
  13. 1977er, Hannover, mostly Saturday
  14. Aiyion, Hanover, all days, corrupted bytes
  15. Eoin, Scotland, all days, any food
  16. SAn, Argentina, Saturday, bits and nibbles
  17. Bastian Bittorf, Weimar, Saturday/Sunday
  18. LuMo, Werne/Dortmund, Saturday/Sunday
  19. JJX, Fichtenfunk
  20. und du?