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Wireless Community Weekend aka wcw2008

Starting Friday 2nd May till Sunday 4th May freifunk.net, c-base and the Berlin community invite you to the "Freifunk Wireless Community Weekend" at the c-base spacestation in Berlin.

Topics of this years gettogether are routing protocols, hardware, firmware and layer 8. We are especially looking forward to have presentations of data and papers describing what is really going on in the freifunk wireless mesh networks. Further on we will talk about opportunities for the future of wireless community networks and how to make it easier for content creators to actually publish content on their wireless routers and in the network. Proposed presentations include topics like p2p clients for wireless networks or wireless mesh for local mikro fm distribution. Another area becoming more and more relevant is the legal environment for community networks and new legeslative measures in the EU. We invite experts, lawmakers and enterprises to work with us on a guide to best practices for freifunk node and Internet gateway operators.

As in previous years, we will provide open spaces for the community in the c-base to discuss and work on projects. As well we will have a number of special guests in the evening presenting the latest creative commons hits and of course the legendary freifunk BBQ.

Wireless Community Weekend 2008 (Versione Italiana)


  • Friday 2 May - Sunday 4 May 2008


  • e.t.i is near cbase - in alley towards the street

who will be there

check out and sign in! WCW08:participants

TimeTable Updated

Wednesday 30 April

  • As usual many Berlin freifunkers meet up in the c-base in the evening for the weekly "WaveLoeten" Stammtisch. Early birds for the wcw2008 are welcome!

Thursday 1 May


  • It's labour day. Have a good time with the telekommunisten and some freifunkes at c-base or enjoy the city. The official program of the wcw2008 will start Friday ;-) There is a telekommunisten party at the c-base in the evening.

Friday 2 May Program

You can add workshops and panels if you want to give one.

Name/Title Time/Duration Location Done by Notes
Doors open 10:00 c-base organisers and you! Having a look around c-base space station, meeting nice people, setup the event, ordering Drinks
Setup of Conference Space 15:30, 10 min E.T.I. organisers we create a nice and comfortable space :-)
Welcome by organisers 17:50, 10 min E.T.I. organisers what's going on, how the event works
Mikro FM 18:00, 45 min E.T.I Johannes, kth5 mikro.fm
Freifunk video screening 19:30 open end mainhall/c-base Mario and you! Screenings of Freifunk videos from around the world, and get together. Have a look at video.freifunk.net // Rundfreifunk
B B Q / HackNight 20:00 river-bank c-base hein-c and you! DAS ESSEN IST FERTG

Saturday 3 May Program

You can add workshops and panels if you want to give one

Name/Title Time/Duration Location Done by Notes presentation Download
foo bar 13:00, 30 min E.T.I. foo and You! many commercial providers lose interest in providing infrastructure, how to motivate people to join?
Community Track/ Weimar 14:00, 45 min E.T.I. bastian http://weimar.freifunk.net
  • problems and interesting things during last year
  • freifunk-firmware-tweaks in weimar
    • patch-o-matic
    • automatic update for different users: stable,brave,avantgarde
    • bandwidth-measuring
    • OLSR-whitelist
    • nearly zero-configuration for a node("speedconfig")
      • nearly zero-configuration for inner-city-VPN
    • autoconfig (one firmware for 10 different routers)
    • layer7-matching and "anonym" accounting
    • roadmap (to kamikaze-hell?)
OpenWrt-D E V 15:00, 1.15 h E.T.I. nbd activities/review of the last 12 month OpenWrt-dev
OpenWrt on soekris boards 16:15 30min E.T.I. ulf_k OpenWrt
Community Track /WLAN Community Berlin Nord-Ost 16:45, 20 min E.T.I. keks + Glockman Ein kleiner Überblick/ overview (abstract)-> Erfahrungen/ experience-> Community-Life, Community Building http://www.freifunk-bno.de pdf
Horst tool 17:15 30 min E.T.I. BruNo, Sven-Ola Tuecke WLAN analysis with the horst tool
Community Track /Rete Libere in Italia - ninux.org 19:00, 10 min E.T.I. Saverio, Nino, Claudio, Simone, Sandro Overview of free wireless activities in Italy and Roma :-) (http://ninux.org)
OpenHardware 19:35 45 min E.T.I. JuergeN OpenHardware Initiative event Taiwan Open Tech Summit Taiwan
Offene Netze und Recht // Discussion Panel 19:45 45 min E.T.I. Cafeteria Reto Mantz Rechtsfragen offener Netze "Free Wireless and the law" Reto Mantz wrote a Doctoral Thesis about it and will let us know what he found out. and discussion panel together with Reto Mantz, Markus Beckedahl, Stefan Ziller, Juergen Neumann, Cven, Kloschi, elektra etc.
FFLuCI - Freifunk Lua Configuration Interface 20:15 30 min E.T.I Cyrus next generation Lua Webinterface for Kamikaze
News from the B.A.T.M.A.N. world 23:42 60 min E.T.I. Marek, Simon, Elektra, Axel Insight into the evolution of the B.A.T.M.A.N. algorithm - from protocol version III to version IV and from OSI layer 3 to layer 2


all the ad-hoc workshops will take place in the seminar room

  • B.A.T.M.A.N. tutorial with elektra 17.00
  • git tutorial by BruNo 23:00

hacking space

mainhall hackcenter (Irgendwo an einem Tisch)


  • Evening Get together, BBQ and creative commons music

Sunday 4 May Program

You can add workshops and panels if you want to give one

Name/Title Time/Duration Location Done by Notes
dialstation 16:00, 45 min mainhall t telekommunisten
EXCURSION in Wriezener Open Space Lab 13:00 treffpunkt/meeting place Helsingforser Str., 100m from U/S-Bahn Warschauer Strasse ulf_k, AlexT, tetzlav guided tour, project presentation, ad-hoc brunch (DIY!) and open workshop at the wriezener freiraum labor Bring your APs and WiFi gear and join us in the park!
Meshsimulator 15:00 20 min Runder Tisch Tobias Kräntzer Simulator to prove concepts for mesh applications (layer 7 and above). Please join me and give me some feedback. Thanks!
Freifunk Meta 15:00 60 min mainhall or seminar room anyone who wants The role of associations and societies in the freifunk environment
Freifunk Network News 16:00, 45 min main hall DanielP public IP's and tincVPN at Berlin Freifunk Net
blog-tag-connect 17:00, 30 min main hall Mario How blogs, wikis, social networks and all the other stuff foster freifunk and push the idea of free and open wireless mesh networks into mainstream and why we should do more of that (Also see: global freifunk newswire, Freifunkblog, Medienspiegel)
Good Bye 18:00, 10 min mainhall cven and everyone Closing ceremony and thanks of the organizers

Hacknight wishlist

  • Do it your Self Antenna
  • Fon WLAN router Flashing/WLAN router new Linux Software installation
  • Test of batman with robin (run a dozen or more fon/open-mesh routers in c-base)
  • what is needed to reduce power to 1watt; vision of renewable powered cableless ap
  • Ideas for Google Summer of Code - application and how we will get it next time
  • Howto for Freimap
  • teaching others how to freifunk... barrier-free networks, socio-pedagogical developments, and gender-mainstreaming the wireless community. who's interested???
  • New Hardware Base / New Freifunk standart router?
  • beginners' meeting (for friends, girlfriends, neighbors, your mom...)
  • building batman-advanced and babel mesh: wcw08-experiment


Please tag with: freifunk, wcwberlin2008, wcw, wireless community weekend, wcw2008

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lost and found

please add any information on lost and found equipments, clothes etc. here

  • found: Delta AC Adapter
  • found : Fujitzu AC Adapter back to owner
  • on May 3rd I wanted to do an interview with Reto Mantz and prepared a cam with tripod at the E.T.I. entrance hall. Unfortunately someone took the cam when I went to the next room for a couple of minutes. Someone might have secured it and handed it to people in the c-base. Then please let me know. Or did anyone see someone who has taken it? Mario +49 176 24387682
  • Ersa Soldering Iron & soldering lot from the tinkerconnertable - stephanie

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keine vorträge für tage ankündigen an denen keine stattfinden! war am fr. zwecks vortrag da und etwas enttäuscht das ich zwar den veranstaltungsmehrpreis an der bar zahlen musste, ansonsten aber keine veranstaltung war.. aber am sonnabend wars super!!

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war am Anfang schon etwas befremdend, aber habe nette Leute kennengelernt. Super fand ich die Bereitschaft produktiv an kleinen Projekten zu arbeiten (sama-20mbit-uplink)

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