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Welcome to the Freifunk Firmware Howto.

In this document you will find instructions about how to set up a Freifunk Router.

Die Deutsche version dieses Dokuments findet man bei Berlin:Firmware:Howto.

Choose a Router

The first decision you have to make once you decide to take part in Freifunk is to choose a router that fits you needs and budget. A list of supported routers can be found in the artilce Berlin:Firmware#WLAN-Router. Make sure to pay attention to any footnotes.

Request IP Addresses

In order to configure the router, it is necessary to IP address at The IP Addresses are necessary for Friefunk routers to Mesh as well as to access the Internet.

Choose a Firmware Image

Please read Firmware Image Types to learn about the many different options and what they mean. Also in this document you will find instructions to request OpenVPN Certificates.

Install/Upgrade the Freifunk Firmware on the Router

Download the firmware for your router model at Berlin:Firmware#WLAN-Router.

Explore your Freifunk Router

  1. TODO: The OLSR Status Pages
  2. TODO: The Statistics
  3. TODO: OLSR Services

Make a Backup or Restore

Learn how to make a backup or restore a previous configuration.

As long as you have a backup available, it is save to try things in Berlin:erweiterte_Konfiguration.


Visit the FAQ. If you don't find your answers, you can always write to the mailing list