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Exhibition Area


Please choose Workshop Area (measure, tinker, solder), Stage (talks) or Chill Area (meetups/discussions)

We moved this time table to our frab system. This time table is obsolete, please look at the public schedule

and write an email to 34c3-orga@freifunk.net if you have any questions.


  • Free Networks Quiz (Who wants to do make it? Who sponsors prices?)
  • videos/documentaries in the evening
  • Crimpworkshop (Who would run it?)
  • Solar Charge Controller Solder Workshop (elektra)
  • Lessons Learned in 2018 .. how not to Freifunk (plaste, adorfer)
  • Backend-Monitoring mit check_mk (Adorfer)
  • Feinstaubsensoren mit Freifunkunk als Backhaul (adorfer)
  • FCC/ETSI router lock down - TP-Link fängt an, Ernst zu machen beim EAP (ReferentIn?)
  • Stockfirmware-Linkstrecken bauen am Beispiel von UBNT AirOS6 und AirOS8 (Adorfer)
  • Batman-Tuning (ReferentIn?)
  • Irgendwas zu Meshviewer/Meshflix/Hopglas oder einem anderen Fork (Referent?)
  • Babel-Gluon (anfragen: KD@ffffm ?)
  • Backendbau nach Münsteraner Ansible-Schema (angefragt: MPW)
  • Domainsplit in Gluon: Hoodsecletor und Alternativen (ReferentIn?)