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Free Networks Orbit @34c3

A lot of Freifunk and Free Networks people will be at 34c3. We host a Joint Community Space for everybody who feels conected to infratructure topics.

  • Speakercorner/Stage
  • Exhibition area
  • Chill area
  • Infodesk
  • Hackcenter

Donations for Material/Transport


Orga mailing list

http://lists.freifunk.net/mailman/listinfo/34c3-orga-freifunk.net 34c3-orga@freifunk.net

Weekly orga mumble


thursdays 8 pm

Upcoming events:

  • 12. Planning of Freifunk Assembly, 14. December 2017


twitter Use #ff34c3 as hashtag

twitter Use #ff34c3_pics images for the slideshow



  • Patrick drives in the next weeks from Berlin to Leipzig with a Berlingo (big car) done.
  • Robert runs storage in Leipzig done.
  • mokkin (from Leipzig) can drive stuff within Leipzig with his Nissan e-NV 200 (with or without seats, tell before) on Dec 18th, contact via freifunkÄThaybachPUNKT.com or Jabber at leipzig.freifunk.net@conference.jabber.ccc.de


  • Robert, Leipzig (Koordinator vor Ort)
  • Stephan, NRW/Jena ((evtl. 20. abends), 21. vormittags, 22.12, 23.12 und 26. ab 17.00 Uhr)
  • Peter, Munchen(ab 25. abends)
  • Andi, Berlin/Weimar (ab 25. bis nachmittags, 26.)
  • Sascha, Berlin (ab 25.)
  • Kay, Weimar (ab 25.)
  • Andreas, ffdus (ab 25.)
  • txt.file, Chemnitz (ab 16.)
  • PhilmacFLy (ab 18.-23., 26.)
  • Alexander, Hamburg (ab 25. nachmittags)
  • dcwalk, benhylau (ab. 26 nachmittags)
  • Levin, Mainz (ab 26. nachmittags)