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Hardware (bold what is missing)

Chill area

  • Beanbags from Dresden
    • 5 - 6 große Sitzsäcke liefert Michael von Freifunk Dresden
    • Couches (need more, Robert will transport them)
    • two seats couch
    • ..
    • ..
  • 5 small tube color TVs incl. 1 Raspberry Pi incl. power adapter (1er) 4:3, 640x400 (txt.file) (software/content: adorfer)
    • 6 cables for RaspberryPi -> TV (txt.file)
  • 2 more Pis version 1 incl. power adapter and SD-Cards!! (Sascha 1xPi, Peter 3xPi 1) + Kabel für Anschluss an Fernseher (txtfile)
  • Carpet (Monic clarifies with Joshua)

Info desk (Robert)

  • Internet Computer, Display, Keyboard, Mouse (txtfile)
  • weiterer Fernseher am Infotresen mit Slideshow + Pi2 (adorfer)
  • freifunk.net Logo, 100 x 100 cm (Ulf, sind die in Oldenburg)
  • ibc water containers are in Leipzig now
  • Illuminating: light balls or led
  • txt.file looks for people trying to illuminate
  • label printer, Monic has one and a template


Stage "Radio Station"

  • rostrum/tribüne (monic clarifies with joshua)
  • scaffolding (monic clarifies with joshua)
  • carpet (monic clarifies with joshua)
  • Molton black (Andi sent it to Robert)
  • Molton white (2 pieces 4x4m + 2 pieces 6x4m) (Monic)
  • Molton Clamps [1] (Monic)
  • Bungee Ropes (Sascha) [2]
  • Video
    • ATEM Television Studio HD Videomischer
    • diverse HDMI+SDI Equipment inclusive VOC-Android-Box for Laptop Input
    • Streamer/Recorder-Computer with Decklink card
    • Camera with SDI out, with 1080p24 Output
    • Panasonic GH3 + GH2 + 12-35x2crop/2.8 + 14-140x2crop/blind/AFdefekt(adorfer), wanted: 2x HDMI>SDI-converter(not suitable, HDMI is 1080/50i, but needed is 1080p24)
    • HDMI-mixer Roland V-1HD, 4xHDMI-IN, Audo-IN plus Mixer, 2xHDMI OUT (Peter)
    • JVC Everio 2013 Camcorder 1080p25 + Stativ + Mini-HDMI-Kabel 5m (Peter) => Adapter auf SDI (Clemens?)
    • GoPro with Micro-HDMI 5m plus Mount for tripod or clamp attachment (Peter) is this to stream? Yes, optional. e.g. showing Router HW on stage, Elektra showing her stand etc.
    • Streaming-Box (Reserve) Elgato Gamecapture HD 1080p30 (Peter)
    • Beameraufhängung (Sascha)
    • Beamer Epson EB-2250U (Andi)
    • 1x SDI -> HDMI Full HD (Sascha)
    • 1x HDMI -> SDI Full HD (Sascha)
  • Light
    • 8 light cubes (2 Peter (sind angekommen, leuchten wunderbar seit Tagen) + 6 Förderverein)
    • moving party light, Details noch klären (Peter)
    • Discoball (Sascha), 5 Stück: https://www.westmusic.gsshop.eu/images/product_images/popup_images/zircon06.jpg
    • DMX Kabel (Sascha) => plaste bringt 200 m DMX in verschiedenen Stückelungen mit
    • Windows Computer, Display, Keyboard for light control (Daslight512) (txt-file for Sascha)
  • Speaker
    • speaker's desk with monitor, foldable (Sascha) [3]. Rasperry Pi (Zero?) für Bildschirm bringe ich mit. (was stellen wir auf dem Bildschirm dar, wie passen wir das dynamisch an, ggf. Seite auf Webbrowser)info-beamer.com! power supply is there?YES! do we need network?YES!(or wifi)
    • big Screen (Sascha) 4:3!, ca. 198cm x 149cm foldable [4] / [5]

  • Decoration/Videostream outside
    • 3 x 20 m cablefst
    • 1 x 20 m LED stripes incl. power adapter
    • ~50m RGB-LED-Stripes (Sascha) with control(4x remote/APP + 1x DMX Controller), power adapter(12V/~2,5A/5m) missing! (=5m meter of led stripe need about 2,5A for all colors)
    • hardware exhibition - see section below
    • 64x32 Pixel LED-Panel (Sascha) + Raspi3 for program oder logo next to entrance
    • Beamer Acer H 6510B (Peter)
    • infobeamer.com an Raspi
  • Banner (please enter type, format, transport...)
    • freifunk.net Logo, 100 x 100 cm (Ulf, are they in Oldenburg?)
    • lisa-new-banner, format?, 2017-11-03 ludger@ff-do ->ORR nach Oberhausen, evtl. dann bei FF-Reklinghausen?)
    • Banner "Lisa-neu", 300 x 200 cm (ADorfer, wird aus Recklinghausen versendet)
  • Hardwareausstellung (kontakt: Adorfer)
    • Litebeam-AC (plaste)
    • Litebeam-M5 (plaste)
    • Nanostation LocoM5 (plaste)
    • CPE210 (adorfer)
    • Outdoor-841er-Baumelrouter (adorfer)
    • Outdoor-841er-Sitzrouter (adorfer)
    • UnifiAClite ? (gesucht)
    • UnifiMeshAC (Arwed)
    • NanostationM2 (Arwed)
    • Fujitsu Futro
  • CRT-Slideshow (kontakt: Adorfer)
    • currently around 5k photos in the loop
    • RPI with some KenBurns-presentation
    • "nicer more community-like photos" welcome. please contact.
  • Bannerliste (kontakt: Robert?)
    • Community, Kontakt, Größe, Material
    • weimarnetz, kontakt@weimarnetz.de, 200x80, PVC-Plane

What else

  • we need more power cables and power distribution!!