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A lot of Freifunk people will be at 33c3. Freifunk has its own Assembly there.

Use #ff33c3 as hashtag on twitter.

We are gathering working mobile Hardware for Refugees Emancipation. Smartphones (please not older than 5 years, no Simlock or broken display, only GSM), Headsets, Tablets and Charger.

There will be a Box to put your donation. We will not provide receipts to keep orga effort low.

Orga & Planung

We will run an infodesk with material, stickers, etc. and host some campaigns (support.refugeesemancipation.com, freifunk policy topics, etc.), therefore it would be great to have a space where people walk by. We would like to ask for mobile hardware and donations for campaigns.

As well we would like to provide a meeting place with couches/beanbags/chairs. Together we will build a workshop program. If there is space for a bigger screen/canvas and for people to sit, plus it is not too loud, we would be able to do sessions directly within the assembly space and combine that with the mentioned lounge area ...

Location: Erdgeschoss Foyer (Level 0), right side of "Info Desk"


Mailingliste: 33c3-orga@foerderverein.freie-netzwerke.de