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Koordinaten: 52° 32' 15.08" N, 13° 28' 32.94" E
Karten: OWM,OSM, GMaps
Knoten: keine Knoten online
Adresse: Konrad-Wolf-Str. 46
Ansprechpartner: Perry
Community: Berlin

First Visit

The goal of the standort is to bring freifunk to the refugess (between 450 and 500 people) living in Konrad-Wolf-Str. 46. The first visit is used to scout out where the nearest neighbors could be. After that, taking a look at where the wifi devices and a cabinet could be installed.

For this visit I brought the following with:

  • An Edding
  • A Tape Measure (5m)
  • Folding Ruler (2m)
  • Notepad and pen
  • Compas
  • Analog map with potential neighbors marked on it
  • A caliper (to measure the diameter of pipes)
  • Digicam

Gebaude Panorama 1 Panorama 2


Everything is laid out in detail in the following sections.


It looks like it will be easy to create a strong and stable link the Bethanian Turm. There is a slim possibility to make a link with the Segenskirce and Samariterkirche. Maybe, just possibly, it will be possible to create a link to the Zingster48.


There are already four satelite dishes on the roof and it should be quite easy to put some wifi devices on the same masts. From there, we can probably quite easily run the cables through the existing holes which are already being used for the satelites. We would just need to make the holes water tight again. Just inside of the wall from the masts is a room with electricity where we could easily put up a cabinet for power and an edge router.

The satelite cables run from there down a utility room next to the elevator which we could also use to run ethernet to the either A) all floors or B) only to the first floor where the computer room is planned to be. I would recommend one long cable from the roof to the first floor with a lot of slack at each floor. That way it would be easy enough to cut the wire, crimp on new RJ45 jacks, and stick a switch in the middle.

There is a drop ceiling in the hallway on each floor where we could run ethernet and potentially install AP's.

Open Questions

  • Is there the possiblity to get some other form of internet to the house? Cable, DSL, LTE, Glass? It might just be cheaper and a lot less work
  • Is it possible to make a link to the Flüchtlingsheim in Lichtenberg? Where is it exactly?
  • Where does the funding come from? How much money can the Konrad-Wolf46 invest in bringing Freifunk to the building?
  • How many appartments are there?
  • Where is the APL?
  • Can we use the phone lines for internal network?
  • Can we use coax cables for internal network?


Potential Neighbors

Bethanian Turm

  • Bethanian is the first possible nieghbor and the view is excellent.


  • Segenskirche was not visible, but maybe on a clearer day it is. It's worth testing to see if there is any signal. But the trees seem to be in the LoS, even not fully, but wait for the leaves in the summer.


  • The Zingster48 should be out there somewhere. It would also be worth testing to see if we can make a connection. Does anyone have contact with the people there?


  • There is no chance to see the Sama, there are just too many buildings in the way.

Potential Mounting Point

  • The masts on the roof are 2m long and start 40cm above the roof. The diameter of the masts is 6cm.


  • I believe that the second mast from the left is the optimal mast for a connection with Bethanian Turm.


  • Lightning strikes don't scare me, but no need to worry, the work has already been done


  • Maybe we can put the cables through here too. This is the shortest and easiest way.

Open Pipes Open Pipes

  • The second option is to go through these air vents and somehow glue the cables to the roof. The air vents are located in the middle of the elevator motor room. More pictures of the motor room are

Konrad-Wolf46-Motor-Left.JPG Konrad-Wolf-Motor-Middle.JPG Konrad-Wolf46-Motor-Right.JPG

Potentail Schaltschrank Room

Next to the elevator motor room, there is a small hallway where there is already electricity. There are also already holes in the walls to the outside for the satelite dishes which we could probably also use. There is also a lot of wall space. It should be quite easy to install an edge router here. Konrad-Wolf46-Cableromm.JPG Konrad-Wolf46-Cableroom2.JPG

In the other floors, there is a small closet where cables run up and down the building. We could use that to run ethernet to the floors Konrad-Wolf46-Closet.JPG

Beware of the red-cables! These are for fire-detectors, don't mess with them, don't install anything to them, this might cause serious trouble with insurance in case of some accident / fire, foo. Also have in mind "Brandabschottung" when going trough these holes.



  • 2016-12-22: Erste Blick aufs Dach (Sandy, Daniel, Perry)