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  • Infodesk
  • Lounge area combined with session space
  • Hack area with desks
We are gathering working mobile Hardware for Refugees Emancipation. Smartphones (please not older than 5 years, no Simlock or broken display, only GSM), Headsets, Tablets and Charger.

There will be a Box to put your donation. We will not provide receipts to keep orga effort low.

There is no Game

There is no Beratungsstelle for Formularangelegenheiten at the Freifunk-Infotresen. Also don't call 7800 for Amtsfragen.

Session Ideas

  • Leandro & Gabriel about ninux.org
  • Babel l3roamd (Current Development) (Probably Lightning Talk)


Day 1

Time/Duration Name/Title Location Done by presentation/notes
15:00 /30 min Coffee Break - Calm down and have a chat with us. Assembly
15:30 /45 min Freifunk Assembly Welcome & Icebreaker Assembly bobo_pk
16:45 /30 min "Kampf gegen das Abmahnunwesen" Saal G Bea, Erdgeist https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-8388-kampf_dem_abmahnunwesen
17:30 /30 min "Routerzwang und Funkabschottung" Saal G Max Mehl https://media.ccc.de/v/33c3-8024-routerzwang_und_funkabschottung
18:30 /45 min Rop demonstrates the Line-of-Sight visualiser Assembly Rop https://github.com/ropg/pinapl


19:30 /30 min André explains ideas behind new berlin wizard Assembly Andre, Andi https://pad.freifunk.net/p/33c3-wizard

Day 2

Time/Duration Name/Title Location Done by presentation/notes
12:00 /45 min Updates about Förderverein freie Netzwerke Assembly monic, andi Slides
13:00 /30 min Territorios Digitais Livres - Free Digital Territories - Community Networks in Brazil Assembly Philippp, Peggy https://www.peggy-sylopp.net/pdf/FreeDigitalTerritories_LightningTalk_33c3.pdf
14:00 /30 min [1] - Öffentliche Förderung für Freifunk. Assembly eriu siehe https://wiki.freifunk.net/Foerderung
15:00 /30 min Coffee Break - Calm down and have a chat with us. Assembly GÜ-NN1 Freifunk in Hessen 2017
15:30 /30 min Update on declaratory action (Feststellungsklagen) Assembly Bea
16:15 /30 min Ninux - an italian wireless community Assembly Leandro, Gabriel https://ninux.nodeshot.org/#pages/home
17:30 /45 min Gettogether Radio Lockdown Assembly kaerF, Julia
18:30 /60 min LoRaWAN – Freifunk der Dinge Assembly Ingomar (kgbvax) https://github.com/FreiFunkMuenster/media-ffms/tree/master/Vortraege/lorawan-33c3
19:30 /60 min Elektra presents her latest project Assembly Elektra https://https://wiki.freifunk.net/Freifunk-MPP-Tracker

Day 3

Time/Duration Name/Title Location Done by presentation/notes
11:00/60min State of the InterNAT - Freifunk Rheinland AS201701 Update C2 Barbarossa, Lars, Takt, ThomasDOTwtf
12:30 /90min SOSDF(H)B Salt-Orchestrated Software Defined Freifunk (Hochstift) Backbone: DataCenter und Carrier Techniken für Freifunk abgucken C2 barbarossa https://files.rfc2324.org/talks/33c3/SOSDFB%20-%20Salt%20Orchestrated%20Software%20Defined%20Freifunk%20%28Hochstift%29%20Backbone.pdf
14:00 /45min Meetup freifunk.net Webteam Assembly Andi, Monic
15:00 /60min Freifunk und die VDS C1 pberndro Philip vom Freifunk Rheinland e.V. gibt einen Ein- und Überblick über die aktuellen Entwicklungen zur VDS, den aktuellen Status der Klage sowie Infos zu unserem Antrag auf Aussetzung und den Konsequenzen für unseren Backbone (AS201701).
15:00 /30min Coffee Break - Calm down and have a chat with us. Assembly
16:00 /90min freifunk hilft Assembly Eben, Imma, Monic, pkoerner
18:00 /90min Presentation of Freifunk GSoC projects Assembly Andi, Arne, Gabriel, neoraider, Tarek
  • Schema based config system for openWRT
  • Implementing pop-routing
  • netifd extension:external device handlers
  • Monitoring and quality assurance of open wifi networks: the client view
19:30 /30min BaWü Community meetup Assembly Flip
  • BaWü Community meetup
20:00 /60min Antennas and wave propagation Assembly Fredi
  • Theory on radio propagation and antennas
  • Which antenna is suitable for which scenario
  • Examples: calculation the virtual wireless backbone in Munich
  • Analysing Wifi signals (RF) with the Rad1o and different antennas.Bring your Rad1o with running firmware and a SMA connector (I will bring SMA/RP-SMA apaptors). Install e.g. Gqrx.

Day 4

Time/Duration Name/Title Location Done by presentation/notes
13:00 /60min Gemeinnützigkeit - Gemeinnützigkeit Assembly Gemeinnützigkeit erreichen
12:30 Sitzcubes abtransportieren Assembly + Halle H Fredi + Günni
14:00 /30min DNS und ICVPN - .freifunk Saal C.4 yanosz
15:00 /30min Coffee Break - Calm down and have a chat with us. Assembly
19:00 Goodbye and disassembly Assembly All hands