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general problems

  • water in antenna cables
  • olsrd died
  • layer-1 degration
  • BSSID split
  • unexplainable packet loss due to driver problems
  • routingloops
  • bad ad-hoc short distance links
  • is link bad because of bad HF or of bad of long distance
  • too much traffic on good link
  • broadcast traffic eating up all available bandwith
  • it just does not work (needs clarification)
  • internet is slow
    • path to uplink bad
    • uplink overloaded
  • firmware too old
  • asymetric routing
  • connection breaks for 5-10 seconds

backbone node problems

  • neighbourhood changed, this should never occour
    • how to diagnose
    • action:
      • snapshot of hosts routing table and neighbours routing table.
      • snapshot of olsr internal routing database/topo of host and neighbours
      • full route to HNA?