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Tunnel to Freifunk

  • l2gvpn on houston
  • extra community to save bandwith: ffstudents
  • done as in GSOC:VPN

Buildroot image

  • VirtualBox
  • qemu
  • VMWare
  • Xen

Virtual Node

Cleanroom Testbed

In addition to testing FF-SoC software on Freifunk itself, it would be interesting to have a (to some extend) controlled environment, more specifically a virtual network (probably several virtual networks) where ff-students could jointly test their software. Here is a scenario for discussion:

1. there is an access router (ar) at FOKUS with two interfaces

  • eth0: public (DMZ)
  • eth1: private network (e.g.

2. it runs

  • OpenSSH: so ff-students can log in using their
  • OpenVPN: so ff-students can extend the testbed themselves

3. in the private network there are qemu/kvm farms, i.e. linux hosts running multiple QEMU instances. The nice thing about QEMU (apart from being open source) is its support for hooking up virtual network cards using multicast addresses. That enables, among other things, scaling up the farm and providing different testing setups. Basic network impairments could be then emulated via netem qdiscs applied to the underlying multicast communication. Moreover, we could change the network topology changing the multicast addresses cards are attached to.

The following figure illustrates the scenario: