Google Summer of Code 2009 - Application

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-- FREIFUNK/OPENWRT -- The Freifunk OpenWrt Firmware is a specially adapted Linux Version that is developed for routers and mobile devices. The main aim of the firmware is to make it easier and faster to set up wireless mesh networks. Designed as an embedded Linux for low powered devices the system can be adapted for a wide variety of mobile devices. Freifunk/OpenWrt supports ad-hoc WLAN communication and layer 2 and 3 routing with the OLSR protocol and the BATMAN routing protocol. By building the Freifunk embedded firmware together with the OpenWrt team we are developing an easy to use self-configuring, self-fixing and self-tuning mesh network (

-- PLUGINS -- Current test version on SVN ( are enabling developers to create plugins for the firmware. These plugins will enable users to offer locations based services, local search, router CMS, local fm radio distribution via routers, and many more. An example for locations based services is Apple Bonjour that offers users to share their music in local wifi networks, however, in Freifunk mesh networks, there are many more ways to share and communicate as services are build on open standards and open source software.

-- LOCAL SERVICES -- Another project where we are connecting services is the Villagetelco project, where we adapt the firmware to offer telephone services over an adhoc network (

-- ADAPTING THE FIRMWARE -- Going in another direction the community also engages to port applications and desktop environments such as LXDE to OpenWrt for Freifunk clouds to offer faster devices with an X interface and making use of thousands of available applications. The porting of code from Google Android also aims to support the adaptability of the Firmware for special use cases.

-- COMMUNITIES AROUND THE WORLD -- If you interested to read more about free wireless networks around the world, please visit the global Freifunk newswire at

Why is your group applying to participate? What do you hope to gain by participating?

For the summer of code we are looking for developers interested in actively joining our community and developing plugins and services on top of the Freifunk OpenWrt Firmware. By participating in the GSoC we hope to push Freifunk/OpenWrt and our goals for full featured low resource routers and local mesh networks. Some ideas as follows: - we are looking to attract more long-term developers - we want to bring the Asian community more into development - we would like to see more plugins developed thus offering new features The GSoC offers us an opportunity to get students contributing more to Freifunk/OpenWrt. It also showcases the Freifunk project. What is the main public mailing list for your group?: [1]

Where is the main IRC channel for your group?: #freifunk // #openwrt

What criteria do you use to select the members of your group? Please be as specific as possible.:

The criteria we use to include mentors, administrate, and the like in the GSoC team are including the following: * Constant contributions to the Freifunk and OpenWrt project * General experience with Open Source projects * Good user oriented skills and helpful previous assistance of contributors * Proven coding ability and knowledge of programming language * Good proximity for potential face to face contacts with students

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