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GNUnet meets OpenWRT

GNUnet-meets-OpenWRT are hackevents organized by Echt Dezentrales Netz (EDN)that will take place the next days and weeks with the goal to prepare GNUnet for the upcoming Battlemesh in a month
Dangowrt has already done some important packaging work - Kudos!

To have it really happen, we need your help and therefore you are kindly invited to join us to:

  • set-up GNUnet in a way that allows for running the Battlemesh benchmarks on top of GNUnet VPN. The benchmarks mainly use ping and iperf.
  • refine and test its configuration and packaging
  • especially clean up the packaging of gnunet-utils (Currently, some scripts require openssl, some other require certtool)
  • remove dependencies towards libraries too big or not useful for small storage-limited devices
  • migrate scripts to use OpenWRT provided tools
  • write a simple doc about how to configure and use GNUnet in a minimal console-only environment

Envisioned use-cases

The goal is to have reproducible recipies to get stuff running out-of-the-box, at least:

  • only cadet (wrt841 and such)
  • cadet + vpn + gns (routers with 8mb flash)
  • cadet + gns + datastore (nas devices and plugs to donate 24/7 storage)

Ideally we'll also get started on:

  • cadet + gns + conversation (basic "feature-phone")
  • cadet + vpn + gns + conversation + datastore + fs (all currently available features)
  •  ???

fs- file sharing

Show during Battlemesh

The following things would be useful to show during Battlemesh:

  • Basic setup of GNUnet on OpenWrt
  • How to use GNUnet VPN on OpenWrt
  • How to use GNUnet's GNS on OpenWrt
  • How to visualize CADET (i.e. real-time topology graph)

Brainstorming topics

  • Router Web-UI integration of basic GNUnet services, ie. cadet, vpn and gns. It should allow users to manage EGOs, integrate GNS with dnsmasq and easily setup VPN links.

-> we need a GNUnet-plugin for rpcd, see
-> we need a neet luci2 UI using that interface.

  • using GNUnet as a distributed PKI infrastructure which could be usable as an authentication-layer for wpa_supplicant, e.g. on 802.11s instead using SAE.The current GNUnet-way to directly use WiFi via injection is limited to very low transfer speeds using injection (ie. layer-1). I imagine that this or other existing out-of-band connections to GNUnet could be used for session-setup/keying on P2P/"WiFi-Direct", 802.11s or Ad-Hoc mode and subsequently enjoy the performance of UDPv6 over the now setup layer-2 (+link-local-layer-3) link. This would bring about a huge performance gain and if built around the wpa_supplicant's control socket to setup a GO it could even work on some smartphones with broken/jailed fullmac wifi...It would also be very useful for wireless community networks as it would finally allow participants to technically implement individual pico-peering agreements -- not only for authentication and keying, but also for channel selection and minimum-transfer-rate agreements/ consensus.

Time and Location for the Initial meeting

Required Hardware


If you have got a question or want to come write an email. To get the lists public key for encryption send an empty unsigned message.

To subscribe to the EDN-mailinglist send your public key. What is EDN?