Freifunk Festival 2018

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Freifunk Festival 2018 - 12.10 - 14.10 in Oldenburg

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The Freifunk Festival take place in the mainframe in Oldenburg. From the 12th of October to the 14 of October the Freifunk community will meet with their guests to create an unconference and hackathon.

More Information soon


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How to Freifunk Festival 2018

> Add your nick/name and meal preferences to participants page
> Add your session and timeslot to
> Looking for accommodation or for offering a couch, use
> Invite people that may be interested or you find interesting to meet 
> Use #17FFF as hashtag on twitter to spread the event
> Forward this mail also to other channels, groups
> Add your endorsement here
> Land around 12:00 at the mainframe 
> Do only smoke outside the building
> Get an eco, fair-trade Freifunk Hoodie or Tee close to the cost price
> Have fun and make new friends :))

** Please tell upfront, since we need to calculate the meals