CeBIT 2012

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Freifunk was accepted as an Free Software/Open Source/Open Networks community to be part of the Open Source corner at the CeBIT 2012. This page was set up to be used as an organization tool for community members who would like to present freifunk and their ideas at the CeBIT.


Arrival: March 5, set up until 6pm

Opened: March 6-10, 2012

Departure: Unit 6pm on March 10


Messe Hannover, Germany City: Hannover Postcode: 30521 Travel info:


  • Mario, Germany, Berlin (5-10 March)
  • Andreas Pittrich, Germany, Berlin (date and time to be confirmed)
  • Pierluigi, Italy (date and time to be confirmed)
  • cven, Germany, Berlin (date tba) twitter: @c_v_e_n

Preparation and Communication

  • Preps and communication are run over the following channels:

Organizing Contact:

Mario Behling German forward: +49 30 88764502

Booth and Internet

We'll have power supply and Internet. Connectivity will be by network cable, not by WiFi.

The booth itself comes in the shape of a demo point with a bar stool. 1-2 persons per project are absolutely sufficient to man the booth. Of course we can have more people and rotate as we like.

What to bring

Please list here, what you will bring (Equipment, Laptops, Routers, Android pads)


Ideas: Tshirts: Freifunk Foerderverein? Stickers: Freifunk Foerderverein Ninux: Flyers, Stickers

Where to stay

Ideas: Maybe checking out couchsurfing or bewelcome. What does Freifunk Hannover folks suggest?

One sould note here when and what is needed or post at asking for place to stay. Once i find your postings here or there i will take care to communicate these requests on layer 8. (mickey)