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Wifi4EU is an initiative by the European Commission to bring free WIFI into public spaces.

Application Process

Municipalities can apply to receive a grant.

We can see two buttons on the main page: Municipalities and companies can register. However the process for granting the money is the following:

  1. A municipality enters all the data. There is a list of municipalities. We can view who applied via an API
  2. The dealine passes. The municipality presses a button and applies on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  3. According to local law, the municipality will make a open call for tender ("Ausschreibung").
  4. The winning entity/company registers at Wifi4EU. I guess to receive the money, because they ask for the IBAN. They can register beforehand but it is not a must.


This process has a legal background.

  • EU 2017 19 53 should be incoming until 24th of March 2018. Which is the legal basis according to the informational number Europe Direct 00 800 6 7 8 9 10 11.
      • "die von der Kommission bereitzustellende gemeinsame visuelle Identität verwenden und mit den zugehörigen Online-Instrumenten verlinkt sind;" Das kann ein Captive-Portal sein, kann aber auch eine besondere Seite auf http://frei.funk bedeuten.
      • "Maßnahmen, die sich mit vorhandenen, einschließlich qualitativ ähnlichen kostenlosen privaten oder öffentlichen Angeboten in derselben öffentlich zugänglichen Örtlichkeit überschneiden, kommen nicht für eine Förderung infrage. Eine derartige Überschneidung lässt sich vermeiden, indem sichergestellt wird, dass die Reichweite der nach der vorliegenden Verordnung finanzierten Zugangspunkte so ausgelegt wird, dass in erster Linie öffentlich zugängliche Örtlichkeiten abgedeckt werden und keine Überschneidungen mit bestehenden privaten oder öffentlichen Angeboten mit ähnlichen Merkmalen entstehen." - Schließt das Freifunk aus?
  • 283/2014
  • 1316/2013 invalid according to the proposal

Here are hints on implementation. They are not officially announced by the EC (European Commission) by March 22nd.

  • Geant: According to Geant, the European Commission speaks with them on a regular Basis about Wifi4EU.
    • "EH provided an update on the position in TESTA and WIFI4EU noting that good discussions had taken lace with the EC. EH noted a willingness for GÉANT to provide support however, no agreement was given for ÉANT o provide operational input. Currently working on final stages of documentation illustrating recommendations for the Commission. The EC have asked for wifi initiatives across Europe however, technical architecture suggests adopting an eduroam approach." March 22nd 2018, Update Wifi4EU
    • "There were a multitude of reasons why the GÉANT community couldn't run the infrastructure for WIFI4EU. Sufficient issues were exposed by managing this as a single centrailsed infrastructure [...]" - Scaling Eduroam Infrastructure
    • WiFi4EU_BCO_Webinar_01-2018
      • Last 2 slides (excerpt)
        • Captive Portal, JavaScript Embedding of EC, RADIUS control, Roaming
        • 802.11ac, 802.1x
    • Geant
      • Eduroam and Wifi4EU can be broadcasted in parallel
      • Raduis Authentication, hirarchical
      • Wifi installation companies are called "Local Equipment Tender" which, I think, means they have little to say about the software, see Slide 7
      • Geant Lobbying Facts

Vereinbarkeit mit Freifunk

Monic Meisel hat das beschrieben. Sollten die Vorschläge von Geant zur Implementierung kommen, ist WIFI4EU nicht mit den Grundeinstellungen von Freifunk vereinbar. Beispiel: "freie Netzanbindung" ist in Wifi4EU "kostenlose und diskriminierungsfreie lokale drahtlose Netzanbindung", vermutlich ohne dass ich einen Server aufstellen kann, der im Internet erreichbar ist, vermutlich auch ohne mit anderen im selben Netz kommunizieren zu dürfen und mit Hürden, Sensornetzwerke anzuschließen.

Genutzt werden kann WIFI4EU dann vielleicht, um einen Freifunk-Hotspot daran anzubinden.


These are questions we can ask the info hot-line to get more information about whether Freifunk can apply.

  • Is the status as a company required?
  • What is the "common identity of the EU" which should be provided?
  • Is meshing OK? We can not exclude that people can connect from places some km away. But that is a strength.

Communication Strategy

We can refer to "free" and to the citation on their main page.

“Everyone benefiting from connectivity means that it should not matter where you live or how much you earn. So we propose today to equip every European village and every city with free wireless internet access around the main centres of public life by 2020.” - Jean-Claude Juncker President of the European Commission
  • sensor networks (not free if with captive portal)
  • local support and expansion, "community"
  • peer to peer services
  • achievements of connecting whole cities
  • longevity of local solutions and not having big companies leave after three years

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